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Björn Georg Strobel
(Vorstandsvorsitzender, CEO)
Executive Image-Björn Georg Strobel

Mr. Björn Georg Strobel is Founder, Board Member and in his function President and CEO of OSBEEE eG – Open Source Banking Economy.

Also Mr. Strobel is a Partner and main shareholder at TOTATIS – Global Partners Holding. Mr. Strobel focuses on fund management, capital markets intelligence and fund business development in Europe. Mr. Strobel was a member of German Special Forces at national & international levels. His experience within the military enables to implement several aspects within a Corporate Enterprise in which strategic business & market intelligence are of immediate interest.

Wolfgang Neuhaus
Chief Operation Officer (COO)
Executive Image-Wolfgang Neuhaus Mr. Neuhaus is Co-Founder, Board Member and he started his career as Commercial Director (for copper mining in Africa). His next mentionable position was Head of Project Management (power plants). His current function is as a Consultant for Foreign Trade.
Prof. Dr. Franz Hörmann
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Executive Image-Prof. Dr. Franz Hörmann

Prof. Dr. Hörmann is Co-Founder, Board Member and at the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics Vienna University of Economics and Business

Former Visiting Professor at Johannes Kepler University Linz and Vienna University (Center of Business Administration). Author of several books in the fields of accounting and accounting information systems, critic of the debt based money system and inventor of InfoMoney, a medium of cooperation instead of a medium of exchange.

Erika Rehfeld
Chief of Human Resources (HR)
Erika Rehfeld

Description in work.

Jürgen Weirauch
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Executive Image-Jürgen Weirauch

Mr. Jürgen Weirauch is 46 years old, Co-Founder, Board Member and Technician of computer science; studied economics (emphasis: organization and business computer science), Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) similar to M .Sc. (Economy)

Managing Consultant (at a group which is top 5 of the global consulting & IT services companies), profound experience of 30 years from technology implementation to business strategies, specialization in energy technologies, information and communication technology, related business models, outsourcing and vendor management. Profound knowledge in strategic consulting, products, solutions and services in the field of energy generation, storage, transformation, distribution and consumption.

 Jasmina Simic
Executive Image-1-orange Mrs. Simic is Co-founder, Staff Member and Professional in the Real Estate Business with international contacts in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Asia as well as in Central Europe

Rudolf Kulovic (Speaker), Chiara Filler, Stefan Hobelsberger, Michael Spies, Robert Schmidtke.

OSBEEE Consulting Erika Rehfeld (erika.rehfeld@osbeee.com)

Erika Rehfeld

Technischer Support Michael Spies (support@osbeee.com)

Michael Spies

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