Its value and its function.

Money for All -> easy and stable.
Secure and crisis-proof money creation.
Available at any time and tamper proof.

OSB is the supranational supplementary money system based on value, sustainability, responsibility and fairness. Without interest and speculation.

Covered OSBEEE:MONEY can be obtained only through the Federal shares of OSBEEE. The shares and OSBEEE:MONEY are matched to real values ​​by participating in naturally sustainable business and real property values. OSBEEE:MONEY is thus far safer and more sensible than any of the previous and new conventional and dematerialised artificial currencies.

The Federation, a company and a foundation form the basic structure of the core of the system and ensure the functioning of OSBEEE:MONEY. The value of OSBEEE:MONEY is then reflected on the official market price of the company OSBEEE.

OSB takes over the mode of functioning of Info Money ( This means that in the inner accounting circle of OSBEE is only obtained and destroyed and itself has no “intrinsic value”, but only functions as an evaluation of human performance. Since, however, in the transition period we want to invite people from the “old money system” (US $, €, ¥, etc.) OSBEEE:MONEY is represented at the interface to the outside as “exchange money with intrinsic value”, and so can also be “exchanged” against US $, € etc..

In the initial phase OSBEEE:Money begins in connection with Federal shares of OSBEEE eG dedicated to it and managed by a control committee. In the Federation, the beneficiaries of the new money are organised as members. The Federal shares are linked in sequence to the shares of the finance company making up a complete system.

OSBEEE:MONEY has the abbreviation OSB.
1 OSB converts to 15 euros (on the external exchange interface)

OSBEEE:MONEY is truly whole money.

Each unit of OSBEEE:MONEY is thus covered by a Federal share of OSBEEE and thereby a share of real value to the outside world. In contrast to conventional currencies, OSBEEE:Money is so-called whole money. This means that OSBEEE:Money booked over OSBEEE XCHANGE, like the components of a securities account, in the event of an investment remain in the property of the member and system partner.

Many mistakenly believe that this is also the case in conventional monetary systems. In fact, the money which is wabe_bgin a bank account is only a claim on the bank. Banks with a minimum reserve ratio of, for example, 1 percent can take € or US $ 1,000 from their clients and pay it into their own account at the Central Bank in order to increase their reserve account. Then they can give another party a loan of € or US $ 100,000 and make him available an appropriate balance on his bank account. 1,000 has become 100,000; creation of money has taken place without any real value having been created. Through the lending rates of the new debtor, this dematerialised amount is inflated still further.

If it were not for that kind of money creation, because the money belongs to the client and not the bank, only that money would be in circulation which is pumped by the central bank into the financial system. The banks would then only be traders who manage deposits and can make loans for the same amount. Then they could no longer collapse.

In OSBEEE money creation takes place through the issue of participation certificates. These may, however, be issued only when corresponding obviously substantive values are acquired and created. A financing crisis cannot therefore occur with this process. The amount of money created is not limited and always corresponds (in the external relationship, i.e. at the interface to the “old money exchange system”) to the number of participating certificates issued and their associated real values.

Because there is no interest in the monetary system of OSBEEE, there can also be no purely financial inflation of the money supply by it. Whereas in earlier times the gold standard and gold-backed currency were the measure of all things, in the future the OSBEEE model will be crucial.

The leading function of OSBEEE:Money

2014-10-19-OSBEEE-InfomoneyThe more the system develops and gains in value, the more independent OSBEEE:Money will be in the external relation to the traditional currencies. If the USD and other major currencies, in the event of financial crises become particularly heavily devalued or get in distress, OSBEEE:Money can take over the “control function” as the system currency for all those involved in the system with simultaneous detachment from the listing of the shares on stock exchanges.

In this case among the OSBEEE members and partners, regardless of which country and what area they reside in, there is a stable supranational internal market. Its currency and accounting system with OSBEEE:Money makes production and distribution of goods and services among the partners easier and also allows secure and profitable “exports” to the “outdated” economic system.

OSBEEE participation certificates have no coupons and thus no dividends are distributed. Compared to conventional currencies (at the interface to the “old money system”), therefore, the purchase price of the shares and thereby also of OSBEEE:MONEY continues to rise, because, on the one hand, the value of OSBEEE is getting bigger and, on the other hand, conventional currencies are subject to a permanent loss of value and associated depreciation.

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